Celebratory Libation Inspirations

Photo Cred:  Diana212.M Blog Spot

There are so many wonderful details that go into planning a wedding and no detail is too small. Libations that are served at the reception are a peek into the couple's life. So be creative with the bar! 

ROQUE is here to guide you through each season with celebratory cocktail inspirationS! 

Pop, Fizz, Clink! 

Autumn // Bathtub Gin

Photo Cred:   www.WeddingChics.com   

Photo Cred: www.WeddingChics.com 

Winter // The White Cosmo

Photo Cred:  www.StyleMePretty.com

Spring // Lavender Bubbles 

Photo Cred:  www.BridalMusings.com

Summer // Watermelon Refresher

Photo Cred:  www.StyleMePretty.com