Chic Design at your Fingertips


Designing a special event or gathering on your own could be fun, simple and affordable if you look in the right places... Well, one place actually, Home Goods! Home Goods is one of the best stores to find exactly what you need to add chic touches to your event or home. 

Check out some of our favorite designs inspired by Home Goods buys and be sure to visit to find all "101 Amazing Pieces You'd Never Guess Were From HomeGoods


Golden Teacups  (

Golden Teacups (

Big Bold Rug (

Big Bold Rug (

Paint Dipped Cutting Boards (

Paint Dipped Cutting Boards (

Pattern Linen and Placemats  (

Pattern Linen and Placemats (

Ghost Chairs, Sheepskin Throw  (

Ghost Chairs, Sheepskin Throw (

Golden Mirrored Trey  (

Golden Mirrored Trey (

Milk Bottles, Drink Dispenser  (

Milk Bottles, Drink Dispenser (