ROQUE Events Featured on Found + Gathered

We are happy to be featured in an interview on Found + Gathered with our talented friend and business colleague, Suzanne Phifer Pavitt. To see the full feature, click HERE.

"As Found + Gathered ventures into a new year, we are excited to push the concept of creative collaborations. With our new city hosts, gathering series and new makers, designers, artists and companies to feature, we have some lovely ventures on the horizon! We are thrilled to introduce a pair of amazing women who took their own businesses and came together to form a unique, bright and chic partnership.

Suzanne Phifer Pavitt and her husband (self proclaimed “city boy” and “country girl”) started Phifer Pavitt Wine, an “eco-chic winery” off their lovely estate in Napa. This business venture was realized over one of their many once weekly, decision-making “date nights,” which ultimately inspired their Date Night wines. Their two current wine releases are the Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc, which were handcrafted by Phifer Pavitt’s renowned Napa Valley winemakers, Ted Osborne and Gary Warburton. Ted and Gary’s passion for consistently pushing the wine quality to new heights has resulted in outstanding reviews in such periodicals as Wine Spectator.

Raquel Bickford is the owner and Creative Director of Roque, based in Napa Valley. Driven by a desire to create, ROQUE Napa Events are unique visions that come to life in one of the most stunning destinations in the world. Raquel has spent years creating a detailed process that helps her clients develop a vision efficiently and beautifully. After graduating from FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design + Merchandising) and working with international brands, she returned to her home of Napa Valley to bring together her passions of event design and hospitality. For her, the success of ROQUE is built upon dreams realized.

F+G: Found + Gathered is all about the concept of creative collaboration. In a collaboration like this, you both have entirely separate businesses, yet come together and create something so enterprising and unique. Can you touch on the importance of being dynamic women in creative business/endeavors today?

Suzanne and Raquel: As female business owners, we have been delighted at the amount of women in business that are gathering together to assist, connect and uplift one another in their ventures! Suzanne and I really work well together on bringing elevated experiences to life at her Calistoga winery + estate. We are in a dynamic industry, it is with embracing and creating change that our businesses will thrive and stand out from the rest. I am in constant motion, creating space to devote to my business. Being dynamic women for us means making a difference in the clients we serve.