Favorite Spring Sips

With spring here, many brides and grooms are looking forward to their beautiful wedding! If you are among the lucky ones, you definitely want to incorporate some spring vibes into your Big Day. How about some spring-inspired cocktails for your special event? We've gathered a few delicious suggestions below! 

  • White Sangria - We all love indulging in Sangria, especially during the warm season. But if you're tired of the good, old red wine and fruit combo, this new and refreshing option will definitely sound amazing. Bring together some white wine, melon and mint and your guests will absolutely love your signature cocktail!

  • Pomegranate and Pear Dazzler - Don't let yourself be fooled by the sweet color of this cocktail - it's strong, delicious and absolutely perfect for a romantic event! A wedding, or, why not, an engagement party or bridal shower! If you want to make it even better- suited for spring, decorate each glass with flower petals. So lovely!

  • Lavender Lemonade - Who doesn't love a good lemonade? It packs energy, vitality, great taste and pretty looks without ever "trying"! And if you add lavender to your basic lemonade, you will instantly upgrade it to "wedding-worthy" levels. Extra tip: add a bit of vodka to the mix if you want to make this a Cocktail Hour drink.

  • Mint Fizz - Minty and irresistible, this cocktail brings the energy of spring in one glass full of flavor and deliciousness. You can make it with dry gin, creme de menthe, lime juice, sugar syrup, mint leaves and club soda. Also, you can work out a non-alcoholic version of this drink too (just leave out the gin and the creme de menthe and replace them with lemonade - it will taste equally great!).

  • Pink Punch - Looking for a fun and romantic colored non-alcoholic cocktail for the wedding? Pink punch is easy to make and it will add such a cute touch to your entire event! Bring together powdered pink lemonade, pineapple juice, ginger ale, ice and some grenadine (the flavor is entirely your choice) – it will taste so fruity and nice people will forget about the classic punch and steal your recipe for their own parties!

Welcome spring into your hearts and into your wedding – believe us when we say all of your guests will love the positive atmosphere of your Big Day!