ROQUE's Groom Guide to Wedding Style

Your wedding is much more than a special occasion. It's one of the most amazing and significant days of your life. With so many styles to choose from, there's a tuxedo that can flatter every man. We have yet to find a guy who doesn't look dashing in one! 

Think that all tuxedos are outdated or uncomfortable? Think again! Just as you have tons of options in the wedding gown world, men also have a variety of options to select the perfect tuxedo that flatters his body type and reflects his personal style! There are small differences in style that can make a tremendous difference on his appearance. The groom will need to familiarize himself with all the different options. This might sound more complicated than it is, and that's why we've provided an easy-to-follow guide from our favorite stylish grooms!

The GQ Groom

The Classic

The Romantic in Burgundy

The Royal

Photography:  Julie Mikos

Photography: Julie Mikos

The Charming in Camel

Photography:  c.m. elle studios

Photography: c.m. elle studios

ROQUE's Preferred Tuxedo Rental Shops

Generation Tux


The Black Tux

Alton Lane