ROQUE Events 2017 Fall Internship

ROQUE Fall Intern 2 copy.jpeg

We are looking for a talented ROQUEstar for a fall internship. Our goal is offer our intern a stellar Creative Coordinator position following their internship. The internship is up to 180 hours of learning + hands on experience planning with Raquel and the ROQUE team.

Work closely with Raquel Bickford - ROQUE's Founder + Creative Director
Learn the in's and out's of the event planning and design industry through hands on projects
Attend client meetings at amazing Napa, Sonoma + San Francisco venues
Grow your event production skills by learning step by step actions to become a successful event planner + designer within ROQUE Events
Opportunity to become a ROQUE Events Creative Coordinator at the end of your internship
Exchange your time for college credits! 

Duration: September - December 2017

Contact if you are a qualified and interested candidate!