ROQUE Events Featured in Real Simple

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We are so excited to see expert advice from our Founder + Creative Director Raquel Bickford Oranges featured on Real Simple's article "7 Things Totally Worth Blowing Your Wedding Budget For—and 7 Places to Cheap Out."

"Invitations are a great place to save thousands of dollars. Custom invites look incredible, but at the end of the day, most of them will end up in the trash (sorry!). A lot of cheaper options can look just as pretty and free up your wedding budget for other things. “With companies like Minted, you get beautiful invitation suites at a very small cost,” says Raquel Bickford Oranges of ROQUE Events, based in Napa Valley. Minted also has an option to create a wedding website that matches your invitations, creating a cohesive look that will set the tone for your wedding day. You might also consider tapping any creative pals."

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