ROQUE Events Featured on WeddingLovely

We are so honored to see our Founder + Executive Producer, Raquel Bickford Oranges featured on WeddingLovely! Raquel chatted with Tracy Osborn, Founder of WeddingLovely, about the launch of ROQUE Events, wedding trends and Raquel’s favorite part about her job.

Click HERE to see the full feature on WeddingLovely or read some highlights from the interview below. Our team knows just how hardworking, detail-oriented and fun Raquel is, but we thought we’d share some of our favorite behind the scenes images of weddings and events we have produced featuring our ROQUEstar!

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Q: How did you get into wedding planning?

I am Born and raised in Napa Valley and grew up working in the hospitality industry and at the age of 17 started working at a 2 michelin starred restaurant. Hospitality is in my blood and that is why I knew Napa Valley was where I wanted to start ROQUE Events. Napa Valley is the mecca for quality service and over the top hospitality. When people visit they expect the best food, wine, and unique experiences. I wanted to contribute my talents and passion for high end events + experiences by creating a truly unique production and design company in the heart of where expectations are high.

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Q: What’s your favorite part of the job?

My favorite part is always receiving the photos from a wedding we have produced and designed. It lets us relive every second of the wedding. We work with some amazing photographers who capture the best moments of smiles and tears throughout the wedding day that takes us back to how happy the bride and groom were that day. That’s our main job at the end of the day.

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Q: What are your hobbies or non-work-related activities?

I obtained my 1st level sommelier certificate from the Court of Master Sommeliers. Being in Napa Valley with a history of being in the hospitality industry, I have always had a passion for food and wine. Napa Valley provides the perfect blend of that. In my free time, I love trying out the new restaurants and wineries that keep popping up in the bustling Napa Valley.

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3 Unique Wedding Designs at Tre Posti

ROQUE Events produced three back-to-back weddings at Tre Posti. We worked with couples Emerald + Chris, Amanda + John and Stephanie + Ben to create the wedding of their dreams.

With several venue options, Tre Posti offers a stunning Napa Valley backdrop perfect for your special event. The surrounding areas natural beauty provides a spectacular canvas for either your ceremony or your reception, wowing your guests with a classic wine country view. Twinkling bistro lights will keep the evening festive once the sun sets. If you are looking for a picture-perfect dining experience showcasing the region at its best, there is no better option.

We customize each couple's design to their personalities and specifically to their wedding day vision turning the same venue into a unique look and feel each time. Take a peek below to see how we transformed Tre Posti three different ways. 

Emerald + Chris

ROQUE Events Tre Posti Wedding1.jpg
ROQUE Events Tre Posti Wedding3.jpg
ROQUE Events Tre Posti Wedding4.jpg
ROQUE Events Tre Posti Wedding2.jpg
ROQUE Events Tre Posti Wedding5.jpg
ROQUE Events Tre Posti Wedding6.jpg
ROQUE Events Tre Posti Wedding7.jpg

Production + Design: ROQUE Events // Venue + Culinary: Tre Posti // Photographer: Todd James Photography // Videographer: Amor in Motion // Floral Design: Soulflower Design Studio // Production: The Lux Productions // Rentals: Encore Events Rentals + Theoni Collection // Linen: La Tavola Linen // Signage Design: Laura Lambrix Designs // Photo Booth: The Bosco // Entertainment: Ivy Hill EntertainmentEntire Productions // Cake: Sweetie Pies // HAMU: Ella Leyva

Amanda + John

ROQUE Events Tre Posti Wedding17.jpg
ROQUE Events Tre Posti Wedding27.jpg
ROQUE Events Tre Posti Wedding21.jpg
ROQUE Events Tre Posti Wedding23.jpg
ROQUE Events Tre Posti Wedding25.jpg
ROQUE Events Tre Posti Wedding26.jpg
ROQUE Events Tre Posti Wedding19.jpg
ROQUE Events Tre Posti Wedding18.jpg

Production + Design: ROQUE Events // Venue + Catering + Beverage: Tre Posti // Photography: Taylor McCutchan // Videography: Amor in Motion // Floral: Soulflower Design Studio // Linen: La Tavola Linen // Rentals: Encore Events Rentals // Lounge: Pieces by Violet // Entertainment: DJ Sir EdgarIvy Hill Entertainment // Invitations + Signage: Laura Lambrix Designs // Cake + Dessert: Tre Posti // HAMU: LaJo Studios 

Stephanie + Ben

ROQUE Events Tre Posti Wedding25.jpg
ROQUE Events Tre Posti Wedding32.jpg
ROQUE Events Tre Posti Wedding26.jpg
ROQUE Events Tre Posti Wedding33.jpg
ROQUE Events Tre Posti Wedding34.jpg
ROQUE Events Tre Posti Wedding27.jpg
ROQUE Events Tre Posti Wedding30.jpg
ROQUE Events Tre Posti Wedding28.jpg
ROQUE Events Tre Posti Wedding29.jpg

Production + Design: ROQUE Events // Venue + Catering + Beverage: Tre Posti // Photographer: Sara France Photography // Videographer: Shutter + Sound Films // Floral: Soulflower Design Studio // Linen: La Tavola Linen // Rentals: Encore Events Rentals // Lounge: Pieces by Violet // Lighting + Production: The Lux Productions // Photo Booth: Giggle & Riot // Entertainment: Hit Waves UnpluggedDJ Sir Edgar // Invitations + Signage: Laura Lambrix Designs // Cake + Dessert: Batter Up Cakery // HAMU: LaJo Studios