Top Wedding and Event Favors

Offering favors is not an absolute must- but it's a very nice gesture to make for your family, friends and guests! It is way to share and remember your special event. Guests love favors that have a special touch and a personal connection to the event, company or wedding ouple! What are some unique favors you could provide your guests? We have gathered some wonderful ideas for wedding + corporate gifts below! 


Organic Lollipops

Combining delicious treats alongside natures beauty and sentiment brings this company full circle! The intention at Amborella Organics is for customers to eat an organic lollipop— with hints of roses, sage, rosemary, lavender, lemongrass, thyme, hibiscus and marigold— and plant their biodegradable stick, made from recycled paper in soil to simultaneously decompose and grow. The heirloom seed inside the lollipop stick correspond to the herb or flower inside our purpose driven candy. There are a number of fun colors to choose from that can match any event or wedding color palette!


Mini Olive Oil Bottle

While this isn't a typical wedding favor, mini bottles of olive oil look amazing on the table and are definitely memorable! Olive oils and balsamic vinegars are an elegant choice, especially for a Napa Valley vineyard wedding! Better yet, you know your guests will use this in their kitchen and think of your special day every time they do!

Photographer: c.m.elle studios




Loose Leaf Tea

Give your guests special tea party favors—for a treat that reminds us how joyful the simplest things in life can be. What better way to keep the memory alive than to receive a tea party favor to treasure long after the event is over.

Photography: Julie Mikos


        Lip Balm

Lip balm favors make a great practical gift to give your wedding or corporate event guests. It's a thoughtful addition to any favor bag, or you can set one out at each table setting. They are fun to design and easy to customize with couple name, company name and date. Even better, they are very affordable in bulk making them perfect for larger events!

Photography: Finch Photography

Ivana and Shane - Charleton Churchill Photography - ROQUE Events83.JPG

Sentimental Sweets

Edible gifts are always highly appreciated! This couple had a quintessential San Francisco wedding where guests experienced the charming city all in one night. Of course, the couple chose the famed San Francisco classic, Ghirardelli, for their wedding favors!

Photography: Charleton Churchill Photography


         Tres Perlas

We believe opening a bottle is about honoring the moment, celebrating success and most of all, sharing the best with guests. That's why we love offering a beautifully packaged trio of flavorful and quality wine bottles from Tres Perlas at our corporate events.

Photography: Finch Photography




Favor Boxes

Wedding and corporate favor boxes ensure that your presentation is every bit as elegant the favors you've carefully selected for your guests! You can't go wrong with a selection of items guaranteed to please your guests.


Photography: Finch Photography





          Spanish Tile        

These decorative Spanish Ceramic Talavera Tiles make for gorgeous seating cards and even better wedding gifts! They can be customized to include any color or pattern and truly stand out as a favor your guests will love!

Remember, favors are not about how much you spend, but about how much heart you put in each little package. Your guests will appreciate the gesture no matter what you offer them - and if you add some creativity, love and genuine gratitude into the mix, they will remember your wedding or event with a huge smile on their faces!