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Travel and Site Visits

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We want to ensure our team knows your venue inside and out before the big day. Traveling to the event location at least once prior to your wedding weekend allows us get to know the space, develop the flow of your timeline, and to confirm that the design direction is on par with the locale scenery and beauty. 

Our team will walk through your venues with you exploring the guest experience from transportation to the venue, guest arrival, ceremony, cocktail hour, reception, the dance party, and any other special moments you would like to create. When we are together on site we will go through your color pallate, design elements that add elevated touches, floral, and linen swatches, and be further influenced to bring your wedding vision to life. 

Meeting with your local vendors will allow us to establish rooted relationships that will speak volumes during the production of your wedding weekend. Thus making certain that you have a flawless and unforgettable dream wedding that your friends and family will be raving about for years to come.